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Super Rustikal Parkett 20 mm
Eichen Parkett 14 mm
Parkett 22 mm Eichen
Parkett aus lokalem Holz
Holz für draussen
End Grain Parquet
Vintage 3D
Vintage wall cladding
Panels for commercial spaces
Konvektor-Roster in Eichen
Snap-Tack unsichtbare vernaglung
Eichen Parkett 9 mm
Tische und Möbel
Parkett in 9 mm exotisches Holz
Fischgrat - einfache Mozaik
Farben und Abfertigung
Bestekteksten &  Plaatsingsvoorschriften
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A small bit about price
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Herrebout Parket

A small bit about price

We are dedicated in providing you a right price. Right in that sense that it is conform to the market or better and that from it we can make a small but decent profit. Because, by producing parquet floors, the price is heavily influenced by the price of the wood, there's very little margin for discounts. When we buy a full lorry of wood, the price per m2 is the same as when we buy half a lorry. Transport is costly. FYI a full lorry will serve about 700-1500 m2 of parquet floors, according to its thickness. Put in other words, there are very little economics of scale in parquet production to be able to present a volume discount. Each discount you get in this business is added first. That's not our way. From us you get the right price and multiplied by the square meters needed, that's the total. All our prices are to be understood not including VAT and EXX (transport not included), unless stated otherwise. There is no use waisting you and our time to force a bargain.

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