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Super Rustikal Parkett 20 mm
Eichen Parkett 14 mm
Parkett 22 mm Eichen
Parkett aus lokalem Holz
Holz für draussen
End Grain Parquet
Vintage 3D
Vintage wall cladding
Panels for commercial spaces
Konvektor-Roster in Eichen
Snap-Tack unsichtbare vernaglung
Eichen Parkett 9 mm
Tische und Möbel
Parkett in 9 mm exotisches Holz
Fischgrat - einfache Mozaik
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Herrebout Parket

Konvektor-Roster in Eichen / Oak grids

Mosaic view - Turned mosaic view


A stylisch massive oak grill (new model) with a firm frame of 20-40 mm and 10 mm bars, thickness of 20-40 mm (60% transmission or more). This grill is suited for submerged heating bodies or wall installation. It is made to measure, so please contact us for a good implementation in you project. Minimum height over the pit: 20 mm, A support of 40 mm is also needed when used in a floor. Width up to 600 mm, in lengths of 2000 mm (multiple parts form visually one grid). It is not nessecary to put a metal frame. A 40 mm support base is needed on both long sides.

Rost 100 x 40 cm

Rost von 360 x 55 cm

Very big grids

Special thickness, special dimensions, please ask.

Long Grill

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