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Super Rustikal Parkett 20 mm
Eichen Parkett 14 mm
Parkett 22 mm Eichen
Parkett aus lokalem Holz
Faux Quartier Parkette
Holz f├╝r draussen
End Grain Parquet
Vintage 3D
Vintage wall cladding
Konvektor-Roster in Eichen
Snap-Tack unsichtbare vernaglung
Eichen Parkett 9 mm
Tische und M├Âbel
Parkett in 9 mm exotisches Holz
Fischgrat - einfache Mozaik
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Herrebout Parket

General quality classification

When talking about quality standards in wood appereance, it is not quite obvious in the world of parquet flooring. There exist some definitions of prime and quartersawn but for the rustic qualities it's mostly confusing and difficult to compare between manufacturers. That's why we adhere to the standards of the French APECF for oakwood. This classificiation qualifies the wood according to its exterior characteristics:

QFQQuartersawn, no defects, no decolorations, straight grain. Also available as QFQ 1bis, see QF1b.
QF1aVisible side without defects, on 20% of the boards, a maximum of one knot of maximum 10 mm is allowed per length of 1 m (shorter planks accordingly). Straight grain, no sap, heartwood, crosswood. Compare to 'prime'.
QF1bUp to 2 sound knots of maximum 12 mm per running meter allowed, grain mostly straight, no sap, heartwood, decoloration, crosswood, insectholes, deformations. Compare to 1bis.
QF2Unlimited small knots allowed plus 3 sound knots as a maximum per running meter with a maximum diameter of 25 mm or 1/3 of the plank's widht (prevails which is more severe). Shifting grain and small decoloration of the wood allowed. No sap, heart or non natural decoloration.
QF3Unlimited small knots allowed plus 3 sound knots per running meter which are maximum half the plank widht in diameter, limited to 40 mm. Shifting grain and natural decoloration of the wood, no sap, heartwood allowed.
QF4All defects allowed except sapwood; unlimited knots, small fillable gaps, cracks, decoloration uneven thickness and widht (small variation allowed), wormholes in mature wood, etc.
QF5All that is not suitable for the other qualities. No sap wood but else every defect allowed like insect holes cracks, open and closed nuts, colour faults. Because this is very nervous wood, no guarantee is given towards constant measure; thickness and width may differ. Some surfaces may not be machined.
SpintAll previous standards are without sap on the visible side, on a small number of planks a trace of sap is allowed on the backside, up to maximum 60 % of its thickness.

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