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Herrebout Parket

Convector grill in oak / Metal grids

Mosaic view - Turned mosaic view


A stylisch massive oak grill with a firm frame of 20-40 mm and alumnium anodised bars, thickness of 20-40 mm (50% transmission). This grill is suited for submerged heating bodies, ventilation or wall installation. It is made to measure, so please contact us for a good implementation in you project. Minimum height over the pit: 20 mm, A support of 40 mm is also needed when used in a floor. Width up to 600 mm, in lengths of 2000 mm (multiple parts form visually one grid). It is not neccesary to put a metal frame.

Made to measure, no returns. There is no right to revoke the purchase.

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Grid for air heating or ventilation

Grid for air vented heating oak / alu

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