This world has been done for you

Well people, this is what we like. If you don't, blame yourself.



Biosphere - Geir Jensen's dark ambient project.

Björk - that seemingly fragile little girl that sure knows how to market her songs.

Cat Rapes Dog - both a bit disappointing and surprising.

Cobalt 60 - JL De Meyer's (242) new group.

Cyber-Tec Project - Vocals by JLDM

Eat Static - Nice British house / ambient.

Einstuerzende Neubauten - One of the monuments of experimental music.

more Neubauten

Die Fantastischen Vier - nice German Hip-Hop.

Foetus - Jim Thirlwell - You don't want to hear this.

Front official site

Front 242 - Mother of EBM, another monument. This music is just IT.

Front 242 FAQ

Front Line Assembly - I liked Millenium... but they're far from "IT".

G.G.F.H. - Dark Industrial Gothic - these guys are sick - I like them.

Killing Joke - Get nicer and nicer.

The K Foundation - a good site to start... and to keep busy.

The KLF - well, you know them!

more KLF

KMFDM - 2nd rang industrial band but still quite acceptable.

Kraftwerk - grandmother of electronic music? Adorable for their experimenting.

Die Krupps - fine German industrial. Sometimes a bit too poppy. Background and perspective are nice though.

Laibach - Another pioneer - Liked by a selected audience.

Magik Magda - aka Mihak Madha or the resurrection of the elaborated eggwhisks. Home of MC JT, RF MJ and the fantastic FV with the small feet!

Ministry - Were good till now. Sounds like they dumped the 242 rhythms.

Metallica - They're no stars, they're great musicians.

The Orb - nice to study with. Don't stop surprising me.

Pungent Stench - great death metal - don't feel offended.

The Revolting Cocks - great industrial bull - sometimes even funky.

more RevCo

Sheep on Drugs - another band that keeps away from popularity to stay good.

Sisters of Mercy - dated but still all right

Tekton Motor Corporation - has some good ideas - I hope F1 cars change sounds for the next record. I already have a 'Human Race Ignition'.

The Young Gods - this is where NIN stole its sound. Great music.

Yello - masters in their art - the Front 242 of the soft music

more Yello and more Yello

Still working on this list though...

If you find any missing link, something that is wrong, report here.