Of all hunger, the absence of information is the most cruel
21-may-1999 Stanley gets some common people to listen to his music. They don't get to the end of the CD. This proves the world is not ready for this music and that D'n'F is a pioneer.
09-may-1999 D'n'F creates a totally new site
24-april-1999 Rudiger lauches the idea for a new arts movement
10-April-1999 D'n'F is featured on the 'Modem Angels' tribute to Front 242 CD with two songs.
14-July-1999 D'n'F website will eventually get its 'dutch' section. So people, if you want to understand this, start learning the lingo!
21-July-1999 Stanley meets fellow ranters Dimitri and Sue (Incycle). He challenges Jean-Luc over a garlic-loaden paella. Or was it palle?
Sue sees the name of Richard on the ass of a bus.
Baerchen are present.
January-2000 Stanley meets Rudiger to start the Arts Movement. They have a great time shooting BS to artists and gallery owners.
12-February-2000 At the AB, Stanley meets lots of people from the 242 mailing list. At the meet and greet afterwards @ DNA, he manages to acquire the souls of Jean-Luc, Richard and Daniel of 242, see below...

Jean-Luc, Richard and Daniel B. signed this legal contract that they donate their soul to 'herr Briquet'. ;-))

Patrick didn't trust it...  :|