The past is only a vague shadow of its reality

Before Hill McGraw started studying Applied Economics, he was employed as a paper-collector-boy at the Bellewaerde fun park. There he met Livia Canestrado, who is of no further importance in his work or life. Back at the West-Flemish university of Bucketheads, he occasionally participated in the mountain walking sport. It was on one of his mountain walks that he met Rudiger Dornbush, philosopher, seated on his portable stone. They jointly messed up and kicked some butt. Then they entered a deserted wood-mill where they found Stanley Fisher being held hostage by his computers. They released the hostage and filed for a chapter eleven, as they, as said before, had messed up. Together with the wood-shrapnel, the three started making music. They were known as Frolic Youth. As they received a lot of bad coverage in the doggy-press, they ritually killed and mutilated some dogs and pop-stars. One of them thought they were real plastic surgeons but when he found out they weren't, he abused some kids. Back to Frolic Youth now: Because they failed their first session in school, their first CD was destroyed. Therefore, Rudiger cracked the silver plate, while experiencing humid eyes and loud protest from Phil Dewilde and Yf Deruyter. Meanwhile, Stanley Fisher was not further able to produce music, as his studio was stuffed up with speakers. Therefore, he emigrated to Antwerp. His comment on this one: Speaker-in-vitro! Also Hill fled to the same city where he went under cover in some dubious house, severely guarded by Fritz and Joske. Together with Liliane, they organized Reggae parties and blow-ups. Rabbits had never been part of their lives, except in the summer of 1995 where they experienced some kind cheer-up feelings from some kind of deformed animal, somewhere between a rabbit and a pigeon. As Hill was very fond of making cow-alike-noises he joined the real animals in the field and again organized blow-ups. This time, Liliane was still looking for Komen, somewhere around Ronse. But it didn't end there: Rudiger had broken his portable stone and went into the computing business, doing stupid things all the time. Then only when he connected his synthesizer to his girlfriend's brains, he was able to pay for his car-accident. This was more or less a question of principle. His girlfriend, in the meantime, had won several prizes for being the loudest yelling girl on the planet. But then they jointly messed up, without striking eachother, though. Weichgummi Bärchen came between them and suddenly al his music equipment was populated with breeding little winegum bears. But this didn't stop the trio as they went searching for a distortion soprano. By the time they found one, she seemed to have some kind of weird leg-disease which meant no further distortion was found on the female front. So they continued messing up all together. Stanley Fisher shocked his environment by announcing he had been making music for some time. As from then, all his friends ignored him and bought him nice presents. Only when he revealed, that before applying for university, he had been working in a car-demolishing firm, they forgave him and stopped kicking his butt. Then only when beatmachine Carlo came up striking some heads, they jointly found a new kick-my-butt: Leen. As she was not a distortion soprano, she regularly had her ass kicked. Meanwhile, Hill messed up again and went to jail, on a tourist tour. There he met some interesting people but no distortion soprano. As they felt, the group couldn't do without one, they didn't release any singles or records. But they did steam ready for their genial marketing plan, in which they used two singers, one male and another, female. They would release each CD two times, one with the songs being sung by the male singer, another by the female. Of course, as of this, some songs could not be sung by a male and other songs did not apply for a female interpretation. Because of this, the one CD contained material, not on the other. This seemed to be the ultimate marketing trick to sell more records. This kicked off some big jealousy waves from rival groups who hadn't messed up so much before. But for the sake of continuity, the three, now known under the name D'n'F, messed up again, this time successfully. Before that time, they had been known as INW, 'Imitation Niemals Wieder', wrongly spelled by Flico as 'Imitation Niemahls Wieder' who kicked butt with his pre-historian Flica. In the INW-time, they had produced some nice things, including 'Huismuziekje', 'Imitation' (Bonzai Niemals Wieder) and 'Studio Machine' which received the label 'Dockworkers only'. The D'n'F period kicked off with 'Agony - forever' and the 'Agony - violent sex remix'. As the first song had much to do with agony, the second one had nothing at all to do with sex. Furtheron, there was the 'Loosy Motion' song, followed by 'Looser Motion', a slightly more depressive interpretation, and 'Tighter Motion' which had some leads towards the hardcore dancefloor. Meanwhile, also 'Machinery Site #1' was reality, a song that really kicked butt on the dance-floor. But when Hill McGraw got into trouble with his sister who had declared herself independent, things went backwards. Flowers started to grow out of his ears. The only thing he could do was to bring a vase and water to prevent the flowers from fainting. This did cheer up his environment enormeously. But he had a lot of work each time moving his self-producing garden. Meanwhile, Rudiger had released his pet-spider which he had been feeding for ten months. As Stanley had tried to imitate him, he had also caught a spider. Unfortunately, this one already died after one week because of lack of juicy flies. As by now, they were all quite depressive, time was there to create some new music. They went searching for the ultimate doom sound. The kind of sound that makes people commit suicide. As they survived, though officially there was no noise about this, it's being assumed they didn't quite succeed. Because of this failure, they had a depression, both pre- and post natal. International surveyors have refuted this noise, as neither of them have kids. Meanwhile, they put the music on disc and sold some copies. In the following months, suicide ratios quadrupled. The group stayed quiet for some time. Now, Stanley had to get rid of his coffee-addiction. He tried by drinking Hoegaarden but failed. The idea of playing loud music ruined his headphones and almost got him kicked out his dorm. There, he managed to mess up the entire electronic system. By using some black magic, he could make his roommate a suspect, so that one was chased through Antwerp by the caretaker. July 1995

Finally being dismissed at the Flamish university of bucketheads, the three noisicians, evolved to more distant places in their home countries. Rudiger fled to a very typical university city where he stayed in some dubious mansion, apparently incognito, surrounded by study-animals. This brought him the idea to organise a barbecue in the middle of winter. The two other eggheads, Hill and Stanley found their mission in some kind of city where it was said that culture and traffic violence were on a high level. There they had the incessant impression of always being followed. They also continiously heard the line "I'm going with you", never being able to track down the emittor of this very line. It appeared to have something to do with steak-cooking. At a certain place, lots of steaks emerged from high up above, coming out of windows, being fried by the famous steak-fryer, a dangerous and sticky element of the drum section. The presence of sopranoes drew their attention. With the assistance of The Anal Breath Analyser they managed to sample a typical soprano on a sunday evening. This resulted into some genius sounding soundbits, ready to be raped into another D'n'F song. They produced a first version, "Andrea - the original" which was intended to be moderately fast, some 144 bpm, but finally appeared to have been composed at a rate of 176 bpm. This was due to some hex-to-decimal calculating error. Nevertheless, it sounded right, so why turn things slower? The song contains samples from the soprano, here called Andrea, ranging from 'and that on a sunday evening', over 'Hiha, jawel' to 'Haaa' (strongly going up, giving it some extra erotic tension). Moreover, Stanley fled into his room at home at some dubious week-end evening and remixed the whole stuff, together with some Front 242's Headhunter samples and produced a really fast, screaming and pulling industrial song. Again here, he kept the soprano's samples and pulled into the songs, other elements like the elevator from 'Doom' and the 'Tuterututu' from that very same game. At another rainy, clumsy and depressive evening, Stanley proceded to work on the song and came up with the basics of the speed metal rave version of the song, more screaming and pulling, due to some extra drums and a sirene that is all over the song. As the two were now under some serious stress, (not mentioning the avoidance-approach that Hill was following) because of some exams, they steamed ready for more new songs, each time faster, more pulling and pushing, more screamy, more D'n'F... time had come to proceed to a new era of music: the turbo EBM! Autumn 1995

As the world keeps turning around, D'n'F continue to mess up, As the time that followed after the exams, which they didn't mess up, was quite clumsy, this not being abnormal, music production stagnated. Not that it really was that bad. In the post-exam week, both The Wealth Constraint (AKA Hill McGraw, you lamers) and Stanley worked further on some new material. They pursued their quest and found a way to compose a trash metal version of Andrea. Of course, the whole thing started too slow, so that finally it ended up into some stupid thing, yet unreleased, but with quite some good ideas. As the night came closer, and the bottles of wine tended to get more and more empty, everything seemed to sound good. The day after, of course, a musical hangover followed. Oh people, this sounded like crap! And it still does! To be continued! To be retried! Out of frustration of always being followed and having to let other people do the steak-cooking (and while giving The Anal Breath Analyser some composing lessons in the middle of the exams), Stanley grabbed up some samples that had been recorded some time before and together, they started to work on 'Patricia, I luv U 2 Bud'. This popular-minded rave song as it was intended, ended up into a screaming and pulling collection of beat-driven noise that really makes you move your ass! It's realeased under the name 'Hihat incorporated, a subsiduary of INW' (INW, which resurrected), formerly known as the JAMES, The Justified Ancients of MMMM... Bustikken. So, after the stressy exams, it was all quite clear: Stanley stayed in Antwerp, having nothing to do all day but not being bothered by his mother, while staying in bed till noon. One of the afternoons was the birth of 'Slenterpunk', electronic body industrial avant la lettre. It's terribly slow but it makes you move like nothing else. But this didn't put an end to the whole Andrea story. Stanley provided Carlo with the proper samples and this bearded being answered with 'Fartcore', a nice collection of sounds, Carlo style of course, that went from Beavis and Butthead over Star Trek to trumpet blowing, nicely gathered into a song with the Andrea samples. Furtheron, as Stanley was quite frustrated because some people critisized him for having put too much sex into the Andrea songs, he returned home with the idea of pulling a next violent sex remix. But alas, he fell back in nice samples and popular melodies and used the Front 242 'Break me' sample to introduce a strange rhythm that was backed by a reversed African loop. He met a Roadrunner sample and together they made a great sounding part. As for now, Stanley had a lot to do on other issues (including killing people that tried to use a GSM at the dining table in a restaurant, quite impolite), not much music was produced. Well, he did sample a couple of girls, An and Sofie, and started their song. This was more or less a bit overkill, as the two had been screaming around for quite a few hours. Stanley also covered a song by G.G.F.H., called 'Chainsaw'. Following the Patricia story, he called the song 'Jamesaw', changed the lyrics a bit and asked an aboriginal, 'Geertje', to assist him saying the text. Using The Anal Breath Analyser's equiment on location, they recorded the song live. It appeared to be more cracking than the original. Quite an achievement! Then, Stanley was quite fed up with his computer always crashing, so he abandonned his computer hobby and concentrated on music, only by computer. This other mess up of both computers, principles and statements led to further confusion, producing quite a mess, alltogether with all the junk he had produced so far. So, for now, everything checked out OK and as more stupidity came closer, the pigeons also felt that spring was coming. Winter 1995



This is summer of 1998. It is not raining but the streets are wet. 242 Re:Boot Live Bonn is playing in the CD-player. Motion. It's been quite a while.

******** DnF ressurection - the sequel **********

Computers SUCK! Last week I've had something of a complete meltdown, having me to install everything from scratch. But now we're back operating, noisy and well. After the first Antwerp year, which ended in some turbulence for Stanley, he forgot about summer en went straight on back to school in October. As there was now a lot of in-house animation he didn't really get too much behind his synthesiser. The other two members were also very much taken with the T-word, as it was also their last year. Consequently, jealousy waves and mating principles got messed (what else?) up alltogether and evolved in a complete new way of electronic music. No more sequencers with steady rhythms and baselines. The two Antwerp composing wizzards found eachother in the art of freestyle sample-kicking. Imagine two guys freaking out behind a midi controller, throwing layer after layer of top bashing noises the one above the other. It resulted into something great, 'doing the dishes' which was included in the dishwasher EP. Before that, in the forgotten summer, Stanley had composed 'Ashamed', a song about and with samples from the pipe-bomb accident at the US Olympic circus. From that harsh and kicking piece they distilated 'Ashamed, the slow version'. It was slow, but it didn't seem to call onto the primal needs the way other 'slow' songs normally do. They went to see Sonar and Cyber-Tec and found their key. It was a La. They decided to search for the most noisy La they could find and tried to get into a free stage thing. Unfortunately, the organisers must have been warned before and they got kicked out. Sure it was the coffees they had asked to be on the set. Well - no harm done. Eventually, they all graduated and fun was over - work was coming. In the Summer of 97, Stanley discovered a new toy on his computer, called Rebirth, and started jamming ahead. Bucketloads of MiniDiscs were filled with 303-909 type bashing and the neighbours didn't care. So. Stanley got professional and travelled a lot. Hill asked for problems involving currency and computers and Rudiger continued his study in Antwerp. Of course, Stanley thought about him as of a Weichgummi Bärchen. That's why they teamed up to Saint-Quentin to see 242 in a less than decent show. They returned home, drinking choco and coffee, eating the famous Bärchen, which didn't feel offended, anyhow. As Rudiger got into problems, Stanley helped him but Rudiger wasn't grateful. Therefore, he was feeded sour choco. Rudiger was not pleased but pissed. So nothing had changed. Stanley got into photography and took some nice pictures of girls that he had sampled before. This was all part of his genious marketing plan to start 'selling people by appearance'. Of course, all of this got greatly messed-up and he ended up selling frames to the people. His comment on this one, 'it's a living', cheered up his fans. The whole 2 of them. As a result of this, Stanley got further messed up with his computers and stuffed a buch of synths, effect boxes and other lost tools into his machine and started experimenting. this resulted in altered versions of 'Ashamed, the slow' and 'No Whistle', a Midi composition of 'No Shuffle'. Summer was coming but work didn't go. His consequent visits to Paris brought him too much work and too little time to be composing, though some ideas got ready, including the kicking little soprano idea. Summer 1998

What can I say, as much that DnF is something like dormant, the members are sooo fucking alive. Computer wizzard, Stanley got up, launched Rebirth, added some FX boxes to the mix and started jamming. He programmed some Front 242 melodies into the technobox and dragged some of the most squaking and crackling noises out of the machinery. It even got him a place on the "Modem Angels" tribute CD that was composed by and for Front 242 fans. As making a living out of frames became his first priority, Stanley didn't get to making that much music. Hill messed about with Y2K problems but by lack of computers, did not get into more music than his Music Chapel. Rudiger kept messing about, while hunting for a job. He did team up with Stanley who made great pictures of him and his girlfriend. Stanley also got worried about his future which kind of put him under some pressure and curiously set him too a creative mood. Fuckingly his computer wasn't set up properly at the time and he was deprived of further creative works. but as winter wouldn't bring snow, new music was on the edge of breakthrough. It were sinister days, and the sky didn't light up that much. Though, Stanley was on a breakthrough for new photographic adventures. If only the sun would come... Rudiger left for cheese and stanley kept on messing about. Hill was stubborn and refused to leave his desk and his 2000 problems. The summer would come and spring was definately in the air. The perfect time for new baking sessions in Stanley's improved studio's. Fortunately, Stanley had equiped his studio bakery with a sun protective hidiousity; this didn't keep the computers from spitting out heat and refuse, the last being quite the point. Winter 1999

Sex is the meaning of life. This not being that important, D'n'F was rising again through new ideas. The studio is growing and the noise is growing too! The sun came out and the horizon started to broaden. Though the era stayed bizarre, there always was hope.