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Super Rustikal Parkett 20 mm
Eichen Parkett 14 mm
Parkett 22 mm Eichen
Parkett aus lokalem Holz
Faux Quartier Parkette
Holz für draussen
Vintage 3D
Konvektor-Roster in Eichen
Snap-Tack unsichtbare vernaglung
Eichen Parkett 9 mm
Tische und Möbel
Parkett in 9 mm exotisches Holz
Fischgrat - einfache Mozaik
Farben und Abfertigung

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Herrebout Parket

Vintage 3D

Vintage 3D black patina


Rustic floors with a rought, badly machined surface, just like an old floor.

Quality: QF4/5, contains big knots, heart, badly machined or not machined parts, badly machined, badly profiled, uneven width/thickness, wormholes (no worms still alive), decolouration. This wood provides the ideal starting point to put down a floor that has slight variations in width, height and sometimes openings between the boards.

Widths: 6 - 14 - 18 - 22 cm. 9 mm, to nail on underfloor

20 mm, planks

Vintage 3D black patina

Vintage3D V3

Vintage3D V3

Vintage 3D

vintage 3D V9

vintage 3D V8

vintage 3D V7

vintage 3D V6

vintage 3D V3

vintage 3D V1

vintage 3D O3

vintage 3D O5

vintage 3D O6

vintage 3D O4